Where to Get Massage Services in Parklands Nairobi

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Where to Get Massage Services in Parklands Nairobi

There are several places where you can enjoy massage services in Parklands Nairobi. Massage in Parklands Nairobi will tend to vary from one place to the other. There are some places where you can enjoy quality services while in some dens you may be disappointed. It is always necessary to check on the quality of services you can be offered in a given place before you head out to get the massage services. We are determined to list for you the best places where to get massage in Parklands Nairobi. There are different types of massage services offered. You can go for Swedish massage, neck massage, back massage, sports massage among other types of services.

Types of massage in Parklands Nairobi

1. Nuru Massage / Body to Body

You may like to have something intimate where the massage girls will rub their bodies against yours. It is a great sensual experience. If you order Nuru massage, you can enjoy great benefits. It is a technique which can be used to get rid of tension as well as making you enjoy a full range of sensations. The message therapist will use her body and massage oils to rub her body against yours which will lead to great sensation. It always ends with an orgasm when done well. You know the pleasure experienced after you reach orgasm. The massage services aims at making you reach the orgasm due to the sensual moves performed by the massage girls. Not all massage places offer the services; you need to research widely so that you can know the right place where you access the services.

2. Overnight massage Services

It involves a case where you are not in a hurry. You visit the massage parlor in Nairobi and the experts will offer you a room where you will get massage and relax till morning. Unlike ordinary services which usually lasts less than 2 hours, in the overnight massage services you have a dedicated massage girls who will take care of your senses till morning. You may have to pay more for the services. To avoid disappointments, you need to call the massage parlors and inquire whether they offer such services because most massage parlors in Nairobi will close at night.

 3. Four Hands Massage

It is a massage session where two massage therapists work on your body. You have four hands massaging different parts of your body. The cost may be high, but the quality of services you enjoy is second to none because many therapists are involved in the process. The session can last less than 2 hours but you will get out of the massage bed when fully satisfied. It is a great session you can enjoy if you have been disturbed by tension and other forms of fatigue.

4. Sensual | Tantric Massage

The sensual massage involves erotic moves as you get the massage therapy. In the massage session, the massage therapist will touch sensual regions of your body with an intention of raising your senses till you reach orgasm. The massage has been used for medical reasons as well as erotic reasons. There are several health benefits of reaching orgasm which can be realized through the massage therapy. If you have problems conceiving, then the erotic massage may be used to improve your hormones which can finally lead to production of healthy sperms which can make you fertile. Those who have tried the massage session agree it is among the best moves they can apply to enjoy the great pleasure associated with sex.

5. Body Scrub

It is not a massage session. The body scrub involves application of abrasive materials on your skin to make it glow. The scrub is mostly done on the face to enhance your look. Some of the benefits of the body scrub involve hydrating the skin and making the skin smooth. Many ladies will like to have glowing skin; the therapy plays a great role in improving the condition of your skin.

6. Sports Massage services in Parklands

It is a massage aimed at improving your soft tissue. During sports, there are high chances you will get injured. The use of the therapy aims at helping you manage injury associated with the sports. There are some sports such as weight lifting which can expose you to injury. The use of the sports play a great role in helping you manages the injury. Other professionals who apply the technique include athletes and those who are gym enthusiasts.

7. Deep Tissue

It is a type of therapy which is aimed at stimulating the deeper layers of the muscles. The process is used for chronic aches and severe pain. Some of the areas where the deep tissue massage is applied include the neck, back and muscles which tend to develop pain. The massage session can last for one hour but it will make you enjoy great relieve.

Hotels where you can get massage services in Parklands

There are several hotels in Parklands Nairobi where you can get the massage. The five star hotels will charge you a premium price for the services but you will enjoy great success upon visiting them. You will expect quality services aimed at making you realize value for money. Some of the hotels include the following:

  1. Impala Hotel Parklands
  2. The Monarch Hotel
  3. The Clarion Hotel
  4. Best Western Plus Meridian Hotel
  5. La Maison Royale Hotel
  6. Fairview Hotel
  7. Tribe Hotel
  8. The Monarch Hotel
  9. Acacia Tree Lodge
  10. Hilton Garden Inn Nairobi Airport

How can you get the best results out of the massage services in Parklands ?

There are several steps you need to take. First, avoid overeating before you head to massage session. If possible, just drink coffee or tea and head to the massage session after which you will go out and eat. A massage on a full stomach may expose you to certain discomfits. Always be free with the massage therapist as you get the strokes. If there is a place you would like the massage therapist to focus, let her know. You risk getting poor services if you will not discuss with the massage in Parklands Nairobi experts well.