Top 10 Best Places To Get Massage in Nairobi Westlands

Massage in Westlands 7 Dec

Top 10 Best Places To Get Massage in Nairobi Westlands

Are you looking for the best massage in Nairobi Westlands? There are several massage spas in Westlands Nairobi and here we are reviewing them to reveal to you the best massage spa in Westlands Nairobi. The spas in Westlands vary based on different factors. For instance, there are others which adhere to high moral standards while there are others with ladies who are after tempting you so that you can have with tem extras. In our list of spas in Westlands Nairobi we try to list the best spas where you can enjoy the best services. Many tourists after landing at the Jomo Kenyatta airport look for a place where they can access massage services. There are several benefits associated with massage therapy. Many hotels in Nairobi offer the services.

Massage in Westlands
Massage in Westlands

Best massage parlous in Westlands Nairobi

1. Serenity Spa

It is a massage sap located in United Nations Crescent Gigiri. You will meet several expatriates having massage in the spa due to its great services. The location is quiet which offer peace of mind. You can relax your soul and mind upon visiting the spa. Professionals know what they need to do. From top to toe you can have your muscles massaged the right way. Other services offered in the beauty parlor apart from the massage services include the facials, pedicure, and scrub, among other treatments.

Couples can book an appointment and have coupes massage. Salon and hair cut services are also offered. A cub of herbal tea will make you relax after the massage therapy. Different types of massages are offered hence it is up to you to request a given massage.

2. Aromatics Spa

The spa is located along Manyani road off James Gichuru road. It is a place where tranquility prevails. There are some massage therapies which originated from the west while others are popular in the Asian countries. The spa offers a wide range of services to suit the needs of a wide range of customers. Stress can affect your life due to different reasons. For instance, the pressure from work and the family life can taka tool on you. The massage therapists in the spa are ready to touch different parts of your body and release the tension. You can avoid health complications upon visiting the massage parlor.

3. Saffron Day Spa & Salon

It is a spa and wellness center located along Muthangari drive. Off Waiyaki way you will enter the spa. It is among the best massage places in Westlands Nairobi    where you can access massage services starting from 8:00 AM to 8:00PM. The massage parlor offers other services such as salon among other body treatments. The environment is comfortable to prepare you for a stimulating experience.

4. Devarana Spa

It is a Nairobi west massage center where you can access different types of massage. Devarana spa is located in Dusit Hotel in Nairobi. It is not exactly in Westlands, but it is in the middle of Nairobi which is few minutes’ drive to Westlands. The environment is comfortable which prepares you for a massage session. The therapists are welcoming and they try to make you feel comfortable in the whole experience.

5. Wild Earth Day Spa

The spa is located off Peponi road along the lower Kabete road. It is hidden in the bushy westland suburbs where you can enjoy nature and a calming massage. The Moroccan theme makes the span stand out. Other services they offer include manicure, body scrub, and hair style. There is amble parking and the private massage rooms offer great comfort.

6. Revitalize Wellness Center

It is among the best Westlands spa in Nairobi. Revitalize wellness is located along Thigiri ridge. Inside Muthaiga mall you will enjoy the services of the experienced therapists. Here are also other luxury services you can choose which include facials, body wraps and body scrubs. To calm your appetite, there are snacks served where you can enjoy with coffee as you relax.

7. Kaya Spa

The spa is located along Limuru road in Westlands Nairobi. It is a spa in Westlands Nairobi where you can enjoy the luxury of Tribe Hotel accommodation. Staff are welcoming and they will take time to understand your specific needs before they head to offer the best massage. Different types of massages are offered in the spa.

8. Entim Sidai

It is a spa in Westlands Nairobi located along Rura drive. Off tree lane Karen you will locate the massage place. Its location offers an opportunity to breathe fresh air. You are welcome with tress as you drive towards the massage spa. Features which make the spa stand out include herb garden, relaxation lounges, outdoor massage rooms and wellness mineral soaks.

9. Kempinski the Spa

It is a five star hotel in Nairobi where you can access massage services. Massage services in Westlands comes with several benefits. You can relax your mind; get rid of stress among other health benefits. The massage therapists in Kempinski are known to take the part of massage to another level. They take time to understand your specific needs after which they tailor the massage session till it meets your specific needs.

There are 9 luxury treatment rooms in the massage parlor. Other great features include an outdoor heated pool, fitness center, and Jacuzzi and luxury steam facilities.

10. Tulia wellness

It is a massage center in Westlands Nairobi in the premises of Sarofa Panafric hotel. They offer a wide range of services such as couples massage, prenatal massage among other types of massage services. The massage therapists are highly experienced. They will take time to assess your specific needs after which they offer the services to perfection. Long travels on the flight can expose you to back pains; the massage allows you to relieve pressure on the back. Many people praise the great services offered in the massage center.

Where can I get the best massage services in Westlands Nairobi?

You can get the services in the above hotels. We also have a list of top massage parlors where you can access the best services at affordable rates. Check our comparison table below.