Massage Services in Naivasha- A Comprehensive Guide on Where to Get the Best Treatment

Massage services in Naivasha 7 Dec

Massage Services in Naivasha- A Comprehensive Guide on Where to Get the Best Treatment

Massage services in Naivasha are on the rise. I hope you are searching for massage services such as Thai massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, neck massage, leg massage among others. The list will not involve erotic massage. To achieve the best massage services in Naivasha, you need to check out hotels in Naivasha where the massage is offered.

Hotels in Naivasha where you can get body massage

The best luxury hotels in Naivasha Kenya have spa services. In their spas you can access services such as saunas and body massage. To confirm whether the hotels have massage services, you need to check on their official websites. We have handpicked top hotels in Naivasha which have body massage services.

Samba lodge Naivasha

It is a hotel along the shores of Lake Naivasha Kenya where you can relax for a weekend. They are fully equipped with services you need to relax and wind. You can check their contacts and book appointment. They have in house highly qualified professionals who can offer the best massage services.

Great Rift Valley lodge

The hotel is located in Naivasha north lake region. It is among few hotels in the northern part of Lake Naivasha. Along the same road you will visit Olerai lodge as well. They also offer massage services on appointment. You should note some of the hotels do not have massage services but you can book in advance so that they can organize for a massage therapist to avail herself when you arrive.

Lake Naivasha Sopa lodge         

Sopa lodge Naivasha is among the big hotels which offer all round hospitality services. It is located on the Moi south lake road. Sopa lodge is strategic location makes it a great place where you can go and unwind with your loved ones. Nearby attractions include hells gate national park and the lake. A boat ride in Lake Naivasha will let you know more about hippos and the fishing activity.

Lake Naivasha resort

It is another big hotel in Naivasha where you can access massage services. You need to call in advance and they will organize for the session. The rates differ from one hotel to the other. If you visit a five star hotel such as Enashipai in Naivasha and ask for a body massage, then you should be ready to pay more.

Sawela lodge

The hotel is among the best luxury hotels in Naivasha. It is located on the shores of Lake Naivasha where you can enjoy different adventures. If you love massage, they have in house experts for the services. For those looking for the best places where they can enjoy wedding receptions, the hotel has a lush ground which can serve for the purpose. Other services available at the hotel include a swimming pool and accommodation services.

Lake Naivasha lodge

It is another great hotel you can access in Naivasha. Its location near Lake Naivasha makes it a great stop over where you can relax. They have several services massage services included. Before you visit the hotel, you need to call prior to your visit so that you can make an appointment.

Naivasha country club    

It is another destination where you can relax and eat with friends. Their accommodation services are among the best. You have a wide range of foods to choose from if you decide to eat in their restaurant. If you are looking for a place where you can relax out of Nairobi, the country club can serve you well. It is a well landscaped environment where you will enjoy your stay.

Panorama hotel Naivasha         

It is a hotel in Naivasha. Panorama is along the Naivasha Mahimaiu road. They offer the best spa serves in Naivasha. Apart from massage services, you can as well have sauna services. There are several benefits hence the hot sauna and the hotels incorporate them. Availability of massage and sauna services makes it a great destination. Set on the rocks, panorama Naivasha is a hotel where you can enjoy water sports and swimming. Their gym is well equipped with an onsite instructor who understands what it takes for you to enjoy your workout session.

Crayfish Naivasha

The hotel is known for hosting big events such as Diamond Plutinumz for the chrome party during the closing year celebration in 2017. Their mascaraed party attracts people from as far as the capital city Nairobi. For unforgettable massage sessions, you can visit the hotel. Prior booking is necessary where you can book an appointment online. Their official contact numbers will allow you book the appointment easily.

Elsamere Naivasha          

It is another hotel in Naivasha where you can enjoy massage. Their massage parlor is fully equipped to allow you enjoy the session. To confirm whether the services are available, you need to reach them on their official contact numbers.

Where to get massage services in Naivasha apart from the hotels

Most luxury hotels in Naivasha offer massage services. They offer the services as add-ons after you book their accommodation services. If you will not like to stay in a hotel, for the case of residents in Naivasha, you can visit a massage parlor and have the massage after which you can return to your home.

Massage parlor in Buffalo Mall Naivasha

Bliss Beauty Salon and Massage Parlor

If you can visit Buffalo Mall, there is a massage center there where you can get a session for less than ksh 5,000. There are different types of message services offered hence you need to check on the type to get an accurate quote. The massage parlor has friendly professionals who can even offer out call services. You may be surprised they are the one hired to serve most hotels in Naivasha. You may have noted in the above description I have been telling you to book in advance so that they can organize. They will organize to get the massage girls from the beauty parlor and you will have to pay a premium rate for the services.

Quality of services

You should not worry about the quality; they are professionals who use the best essential oils to offer the best massage. Many people who have ted them end up becoming repeat customers.