Massage Services in Nairobi, Mobile, Home Appointment and VIP Hotel Therapy

Massage Services in Nairobi 9 Dec

Massage Services in Nairobi, Mobile, Home Appointment and VIP Hotel Therapy

Massage services in Nairobi can make you relax and enjoy life. There are several places where you can access massage in Nairobi. It is necessary to check on the different locations and compare them. There are even those who offer mobile massage services. If it is hard for you to visit a massage spa Nairobi for the services, you can opt for the freelance massage service providers. For the best Nairobi massage therapy, we have a list of top Nairobi massage centers where you can visit for the services. You can enjoy body massage to the fullest. Always compare the Nairobi massage services before you choose the right package.

List of Massage parlours in Nairobi

You need to locate the best Massage places in Nairobi before you visit for the therapy. Here are some of the top places where you can access the services:

Rejuvenate Day Spa

It is located along Ngong Road Avenue. Some of the services offered include Indian massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue, aromatherapy among others. You can always book an appointment in advance.

Relaxing Nairobi Massage Parlor

It is a massage center located along Limuru road. Relaxing Nairobi massage parlor is a place where you can get the best massage in Nairobi. It is not far from Nairobi city center hence you can easily visit them.

Aromantics Spa in Nairobi

If you need a massage session where you will enjoy the smell of highly scented massage oils, then you need to visit Aromantics spa. It is among top Nairobi massage dens where you can enjoy great services.

Blooming Beauty Clinic

It is a center where you can access Nairobi health massage services. Blooming beauty spa is located in Westslands. Appointments can be booked via their contact numbers.

Wild Earth Day Spa

It is among Nairobi best spa located along Peponi road. They have an official website where you can book their massage services. You can as well call them via their office contact numbers.

Best Spas in Nairobi

There are several spas in Nairobi. You may be confused when you hear about spas, massage parlors, massage dens and massage centers. What is the difference between the terms? A massage spa is simply place where you can access a wide range of body treatments. It involves use of warm water to massage your body. You can access other services such as manicure, facials and pedicure in a spa. It is different from massage centers where you will only access a massage. A typical massage session will involve use of massage oils on your body. The best spa in Nairobi will have a wide range of services. You can get even skin treatment services.

 Top spas in Nairobi

  1. Serenity Spa
  2. Saffron Day Spa & Salon
  3. Aromatics Spa
  4. Devarana Spa
  5. Wild Earth Day Spa
  6. Revitalize Wellness Center
  7. Kaya Spa
  8. Entim Sidai
  9. Kempinski the Spa
  10. Tulia wellness
  11. Duma Health and Fitness
  12. Miss White Hair Studio & Spa
  13. Dee & U Spa
  14. Aristocuts
  15. Slim Therapy Limited
  16. Tayiana Garden Spa
  17. Unique Slim Point & Spa
  18. Healthland Spa
  19. Angsana Spa Sankara Nairobi
  20. Tangerine Ink
  21. Bliss Pampering Spa
  22. Alpha Fit
  23. Nothing Like It Spa
  24. Oak Therapy Spa
  25. Primp & Coddle
  26. Reform Cycling and Strength Studio
  27. Zuberi Slim Therapy and Beauty Spa

How to achieve the best spa treatment

Know the expected outcome

In a spa there are several treatments you can have. It is necessary to research and know the type of services you would like to get. Some of the treatment services you can get in a spa include the following:


It involves several services such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage among others.

Hot Stone Therapy

It involves use of stones to achieve a massaging effect. The stones can be as well applied to achieve acupressure effects on your body.


Some spas offer facials services. Use of gentle cleansers, Botox and massage can help improve the appearance of the face.

Body Wraps

There are different types of body wraps you can access in a spa. They include herbal remedies such as of clay, mud, paraffin and seaweed. The main idea is to cleanse the body. Body wraps also have effects in managing body weight.

Salt Scrubs and Glows

It is a therapy to remove dead skin cells. Salt scrubs are also effective in deep exfoliation. There are different salts which can be applied which include Dead Sea salts, almonds, walnut paste among others.


It is a remedy which can be applied to alleviate different types of skin blemishes.


It is also referred to as colonic irrigation. Colonics aims at removing toxins from the body. It is available in high end wellness clinics.


It is a common treatment in wellness spas. Ayurveda has been practiced for more than 5,000 years.


It involves use of essential oils aimed at harnessing certain healing properties.


It is used in combination with essential oils to achieve hydrating effect on your body. Paraffin relaxes as well as healing cracks and dry patches.


It is a Japanese technique used to heal and distress the body. Reiki focuses on the movement of energy.  If you visit spas in Kenya and ask for Reiki, then they will offer you the Japanese massage therapy.


In the process only palms and fingers are used to achieve the massaging effects. The therapist can locate blocked toxins as well as areas in the muscle which are causing stress. He will then work on them to allow you relax and enjoy life.

Affordable spas in Nairobi

Are you looking for affordable spas in Nairobi, there are several spas which offer the services at affordable rates. You only have to compare them so that you can land on the best. Going for a mobile spa can be a great way to save money. The freelance massage therapists tend to offer their services at reasonable rates due to the fact that they have low operation cost. They do not pay rent for the centers. You can save a lot of money if you can hire the mobile therapists for your massage in Nairobi Kenya.

Where to access affordable massage in Nairobi city

The following are our top recommendations for the best price.