Massage In Nairobi Downtown- How to Choose the Best and What to Expect

Massage In Nairobi Downtown 7 Dec

Massage In Nairobi Downtown- How to Choose the Best and What to Expect

Massage in Nairobi downtown is surrounded with a lot of mysteries. To many people, if they hear you asking about massage in Nairobi downtown they think of the escorts. They are many in the motels ready y to serve the adult needs. Here we are talking about massage services such as Swedish massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage among other massage services which may involve happy ending or not. To locate the best massage parlor in downtown Nairobi, you need to be careful. Be open and state the type of massage you need.

How to locate the best Massage center in Nairobi downtown

Pay attention to the visual aesthetic

You need a massage parlor where you can walk out feeling good. There are others which are not well maintained. You need a clean place where you will not fear of skin diseases after the massage sessions. Both the rooms and the therapists should maintain high level of cleanliness so that you can always enjoy the session.

Check out the prices

The price of the massage services in Nairobi downtown vary. Most massage parlors will come with packages. Compare the different packages from where you can know the best package to use. Apart from checking out the prices, you need to go for a massage therapy session where you can realize value for money. There are others which have great discounts; you can consider them for a saving.

Read reviews first

Some of the places where you can get reviews of different massage services include the Facebook fun pages and the forums. You can find long lists of massage parlors in Nairobi downtown from where you can know what other people feel. You can even start a thread on most Kenyan forums where you will get to know what other people feel about the massage parlors.

Women Massage Therapists

Are you looking for a male masseurs or a female. There are some males who prefer gentler touches from ladies, if you are among them, you can insist on a massage parlor in Nairobi downtown where you can get female therapists. The quality of work performed by the massage therapists also vary. For the best results, you need to go for the right massage therapists who have the right skills. Ask few questions and you will know more about the therapists.

Type of spa

The type of spa available in a given Massage in Nairobi downtown matters when it comes to the services they offer. For a Thai massage in downtown Nairobi, you need a facility which has been fully equipped to offer the Thai massage or even the Chinese massage. With well-equipped rooms, you can enjoy the yoga poses while in your massage session.

Types of available massages

Some of the massage services offered in Nairobi include Swedish massage which is common. You can as well opt for other types of massage such as hot stone massage among others. Sports massage is also another form of massage services available in Nairobi downtown. Ensure you opt for the best center where you can get to enjoy great services.

Additional services

Apart from massage, you may need other services such as body scrub, body wraps, pedicure, and manicure among others. You need to ask about extra services which the massage parlor offers before you proceed to order the services. The right massage parlor where you can get to enjoy the health benefits of massage in Nairobi should have other additional services which can make you enjoy the session.

Amenities and equipment

The amenities and quality of equipment available in a given spa will matter. If the massage parlor has been well equipped, then you stand a better chance of accessing the best services. To know more about the amenities, you can talk with other people. If close family friends has booked the services, it will be easy to know. You can just get their opinions and the experts will advise you accordingly. A fully equipped massage center increase chances of the therapist offering the best services.

Environment and ambiance

How is the massage room lit? Are there interior decorations which can make you feel at home? You need a massage parlor where the environment is just the right to enjoy the massage sessions. A quick comparison of different Massage centers in Nairobi downtown will make it easy to locate the best. The main focus of having a massage is to relax your soul and body. An environment which is not ideal for relaxation my make you fail to enjoy the great ambiance.

Customer perks

Are you offered a discount after repeated visits? What are the benefits you enjoy by becoming a repeat customer? The massage parlors should be well prepared to encourage customers to make them a point to note. Remember when you are treated well, you will keep on going to the same place. You need to check on the benefits offered to customers so that you can locate the right massage parlor.


What are the types of people visiting the massage parlor? If you are of high class, then a massage parlor where people who are considered of low profile visit may not be your choice. No offence. Let us take it this way. If you keep on parking a Range Rover outside a massage parlor surrounded by people who struggle to make a cent, they will pan on how to get your tire and sell it in second hand market. I’m kidding but you know what I mean.

Staff and therapists

The massage therapy center will cost of therapists and the staff. The staff includes the management, the customer care support and even those involved in cleaning the center. You need a place where you are served by professionals who will relate with you in a professional manner. All professionals know how to treat clients well, if in a given session you are mistreated, then you may have to look for another option.

Top best Massage centers in Nairobi downtown

There are several top centers in Nairobi downtown. You only need to be careful and choose the best.