Kilimani Massage Services- How and Where to Get the Best experience

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Kilimani Massage Services- How and Where to Get the Best experience

Locating the best Kilimani massage parlor will make you enjoy the best services. Where is Kilimani Nairobi? It is a neighborhood in Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya. It is located just 4 kilometers from the central business district. The neighborhood borders Lavington towards the south. Woodley borders Kilimani towards the north. It is a low density neighborhood which was initially reserved for white settlers till 1960 when Kenya became independent and the settlement started to incorporate other races. Most people who live in Kilimani are from middle class to high end class. The Kilimani massage services are among the best businesses. There are lots of spas hence there is need to choose the best.

Massage Room
Massage Room

How to locate the best Kilimani massage service

Check on office website

From the official website of the massage parlors, you get to know the type of services they offer. There are also freelance massage therapists who offer contact numbers online. They are also effective and cheap, but you need to meet them in a place where you are comfortable.

How can you book Kilimani massage services?

If you need Kilimani massage services in Nairobi, then you need to go for those you can easily book. Most hotels in Nairobi offer the services but you may need something private. You can even save money if you opt for a massage parlor instead of high end hotels where the spas serves are charged at premium rates. Not offence, if you have already made the money, you can go for five star hotels and the massage will be up to standards.

How are the packages

Different parlors offer different packages. There are those who offer Swedish massage for a given period while others will offer sport massage. Check on the type of massage services offered by the parlors before you proceed to book. Some of the services you can get in massage spas in Kilimani Nairobi include:

Full Body Massage

It is a massage where almost all parts of your body get the essential oils. The massage therapist will massage you from head top toes. There are some parts he will omit. Hope you know what I mean.

Aromatherapy massage

The Kilimani massage involves use of highly scented essential oils which will expose you to other aromatherapy benefits.

Ayurveda Massage

The massage is more of aromatherapy massage but the oil used are infused with herb with health benefits.

Thai Massage

The Asian based massage involves different yoga moves as you get the body massage.

Swedish massage

It is the basic form of massage which involves different body strokes.

Sensual Massage

There are those moments when you feel like the mood is very low. Sex is an exciting activity but due to hormone fluctuation you may never enjoy it. The sensual massage aims at touching the sensitive parts of your body such as breasts and inner thighs with an aim of raising your sex moods.

Body to Body Massage

It is massage where the masseurs tend to make more contact with your body. You feel their touches more than other types of massage.

Adult Massage

It is done between two consenting adults. This is not an adult themed site hence I will not go into details.

Happy Ending Massage

After you get your Swedish or hot stone massage, the erotic moves of the massage therapist may have raised your moods. Your agreement can lead to more interaction which will leave the therapist with a tip.

Best Body to Body Massage By Female

It is a massage session which is performed by a female therapist. It may be performed on a male client or even a female client.

Female to Male Massage

There are some clients who prefer touches from ladies only in a massage session, in such a case, they can order female to make massage and the therapist will let the lady in the parlor do the strokes.

Sensual Body Massage by Female

The Sensual Massage by Ladies in Kilimani is performed with an aim of arousing you. You may not have a happy ending, but you get your feelings up to the point. You can get the senses up and run home to enjoy the moment. Different types of massage can be applied to achieve the sensual excitement. You can have Swedish massage, among other types as per your preferences.

Sensual massage by male

Who said only men need the sensual moves? There are also ladies who can pay for the massage session and have a man perform the sensual strokes on their bodies. They order sensual massage by male. There are several massage centers in Kilimani where you can book such services.

How can you have the best massage in Kilimani?

It is very simple. Locate the right massage therapist and you will enjoy the best massage therapy in Kilimani. There are several therapists available but you need to filter and locate the best. Consider a therapist who has great reviews online. A quick check on Facebook fun pages which discuss the massage services in Kilimani will make you know the best therapists.

Check on the package as a whole

When comparing the packages, you should not only check on the price. You should check as well on the session. There are others which can last 30 minutes, while others can last for up to 2 hours. You should look for a place where value for money is guaranteed. Some offer great discounts on repeat customers.

Comfortable massage rooms

A massage session should be carried out in a room which will offer you the comfort you deserve. The room should be comfortable as well. A quick look at the ambiance and lighting can make you know whether the massage center is worth your repeat services. The way you relate with the massage therapists also matters. Try to go for one where the therapists will welcome you and take into consideration your specific needs. A massage center where both the clients and the professionals are to share their thoughts and achieve the best results is the best.

Which massage therapy center in Kilimani do we recommend?