Asian, Chinese, Thai, Exotic Indian, Ethiopian Massage Services in Nairobi

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Asian, Chinese, Thai, Exotic Indian, Ethiopian Massage Services in Nairobi

What is the difference between Asia, Chinese, Thai, Exotic and Indian massage services. There is difference. The Asian massage services consist of massage techniques which originated from Asian regions. They involve yoga and use of Asians inspired massage oils. You need to assess the different types of massages so that you can know the best where you can enjoy your relaxation. The place where you will get the massage services also matters. Go for a place where you can be assured of the best services ever.

1.Ethiopian massage services in Nairobi

Many people search for Ethiopian massage services in Nairobi. They are massage services inspired by the Ethiopian culture. Ethiopia a country associated with the Rastafarian culture. If you get a native from the country doing massage, then you will end up saying you have been offered Ethiopian massage.

2. Indian Massage Services in Nairobi

An Indian massage involves application of touches on the head. It is a form of head massage which you can have if your head has developed pain. It is also an effective method you can apply to manage neck injuries. Other parts of your body where the neck massage can be performed include face and the scalp. The massage can help in stimulating hair growth. To enjoy the best Indian massage in Nairobi, you need to visit the best massage parlors which offer the massage therapy in Nairobi.

3. Asian massage in Nairobi

Alternative medicine has been applied in the Asian countries for long. The Asian massage involves other techniques such as yoga which are aimed at helping you achieve some form of relaxation. It can be applied to address several health problems. You can as well book the massage therapy in massage parlors which offer massage extras so that you can as well access other treatments. Asian massage in Nairobi is available in several massage centers. The therapists will apply the techniques to address different health problems.

4. Exotic massage in Nairobi

It is simply a massage cared out by a native Kenyan therapist. If you visit the best spa in Nairobi Kenya, you will find most of the people who offer the message services are native people. Exotic massage will get you to interact with the locals. Remember most massage therapists are friendly people. They will engage you in a talk as you enjoy the session. If you are a tourist in Kenya, you can just visit one of our Kenya massage parlours from where you can access the treatment services.

5. Chinese Massage Services in Nairobi Kenya

There are several things which make a Chinese massage therapy stand out. You can visit Chinese massage center in Nairobi where you will enjoy the best massage. There are also other best massage parlours in Nairobi where you can access other service such as Swedish massage. Even if it is late at night, you can visit a 24 hour massage center in Nairobi where you can enjoy the services.

Techniques used in Chinese massage centers


The massage therapy involves a process which can press, nip, step and twist the skin to apply the pressure. The finger nipping process leads to elimination of muscle spasms and blockages. It also contributes towards improving your blood circulation.


It is a process which involves finger pushing, kneading and rolling. The therapist will use the thumb to push as he makes rotating motions.


The therapist will involve gilding, rubbing and pushing to massage your body. The circular movements made are aimed at helping you get rid of different health complications. It can help in relieving pain on the back, limbs, chest among other areas. It is also an effective way to activate muscles on large areas.


The therapy in a Chinese massage session will rapidly vibrate, shake and rock selected areas of your body. It is an effective way to promote gastro intestinal function.


It is another technique in Chinese massage which involves use of rock, tap, strike and clap techniques to massage your muscles. The application of fist striking can be applied on the hip, waist, head and fingers.

Pinching and grasping

It is a process which involves picking up and squeezing of the soft tissues. You can use the technique to massage ligaments and tendons.

Joint manipulation

Among the best services you can enjoy after visiting day spa in Nairobi for the massage session is where you will get the joints manipulated. If you had health complications restricting you from enjoying comfortable joint movements, you can apply the technique to enjoy freedom when walking.

6. Thai massage in Nairobi

It is a massage technique which involves use of yoga and massage therapy to relieve pain. You get the massage procedure when you are fully dressed. There are several places in Nairobi where you can access the Thai massage in Kenya. It is among the best spa treatments in Kenya which you can apply to achieve great success in your daily life. To locate the best Kenyan massage center, you need to carry out enough research. Fortunately, we have carried out the research on your behalf. You can check on our top recommended massage centers where you will access the best services. You can as well ask your love to accompany you to day spas in Nairobi where you can enjoy the therapy.

Which is the best massage technique?

You may be wondering on which the best massage technique you can have is. You should not worry. There are several techniques but they are geared towards addressing different health conditions. If you would like to achieve a given goal, then you need to choose a massage therapy aimed at solving such an issue. For example, if you would like to have a massage session which can treat injury due to sports, then you need to go for a massage addressing the problem. If your deep tissue are the one causing problems, then you need to go for a deep tissue massage which can address the problem.  In most cases, you will enjoy benefits such as improved blood circulation, managing pain among others. You only need to hire the best therapist.