At Massage Services in Nairobi (massageservicesinnairobi.com ) we are a review website. Our work is to research on the best massage centers in Kenya and present to you. We know it can be hectic trying to locate the best massage parlors. After some of us went through the hectic process, we decided enough is enough. You should simply search online and locate the right massage center in Nairobi or any other town, city or location in Kenya.

What we do

We list top massage service providers. You can check on the most affordable, trustworthy and even hotel services. The massage service providers in Kenya operate on different basis. There are those who work as freelance massage specialists. You can call them and they will visit your home for the services. The freelance massage therapist can as well organize with you so that you can meet in a hotel. We are a simple massage therapy guide site.

If you need a tried and trusted massage professional in a given location, just fill our contact form and we will offer you the right recommendation. You need to enjoy life, not to be stressed on where you can access services such as massage.

Why you should trust us

We do not force you or employ forceful marketing tactics. Our services are very transparent, we will connect you top a massage therapist whom you will discuss and agrees on the rates. We also recommend massage centers where you will visit their website and see their massage therapy packages they offer.  There are different types of massage such as:

Swedish massage

Hot stone massage

Foot massage

Thai massage


Back massage

The list is long. We have discussed the different massage and their benefits. If you are not sure on the massage you can have, you can as well discuss with our recommended experts or check on the guide and you will make the right decision.


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