A Comprehensive Guide of Massage Services Offered In Kenya and Common Types

There are different types of massage services offered in Kenya. The body massage business is on the increase as many Kenyans get to understand the benefits associated with massage. Common types of massage services offered in most massage parlors in Nairobi include Swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatics massage, sports masses, prenatal massage among other types. Here we are going to explain the different types of massage services offered in Kenya and where you can access the massage therapists to guarantee great services.

Common Types of Massage Services Available In Kenya

Swedish massage services in Nairobi

If you walk into any massage parlor in major cities in Kenya such as Nairobi, you will find many therapists aware of the Swedish massage. It is a massage technique which utilizes firm pressure on the muscles. Long and gliding strokes are used to relive pressure from different parts of your body.

Benefits of Swedish massage

It involves use of essential oils which reduce friction. The essential oils also come with several health benefits

  • Helps in easing tension
  • Improves muscle flexibility
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Stimulates skin rejuvenation
  • Reduces emotional and physical stress
  • Increases oxygen flow into the blood
  • Releases toxins from the muscles
  • Flushes out uric and lactic acids from the body muscles
  • Promotes recover from muscular strain

Strokes involved in the Swedish massage

There are different types of strokes which can be involved to achieve the perfect Swedish massage. The strokes include the following:

Effleurage strokes

They are long flowing strokes aimed at allowing the Swedish massage therapist spread the lubricant. The strokes also help the therapist feel the muscle tones.


It is more of a kneading stroke which lifts as well as squeezing the tissue. Petrissage is aimed at flushing out metabolic waste.


They are fast and short movements with an aim of generating heat. It is a great move to encourage blood flow to the massage area. Friction also leads to loosening ligaments.


They are light blows aimed at relaxing the muscle. Many people are familiar with the stroke as it imitates the karate chops.


The stroke aims at creating movements on the entire body. It is very relaxing when done the right way.

Swedish massage services in Nairobi

There are several places where you can access massage services in Nairobi. Common places for Swedish massage include:

  • Nairobi Freelance Masseurs
  • Nairobi Gym and Spa
  • Most Nairobi hotels

Hot stone massage services in Nairobi

You may be wondering what is hot stone massage. It is a massage which involves use of hot stones. They are not very hot as they will not burn you. The massage therapists apply stones on your body to relax the muscles after which the therapist will apply deeper pressure for a more relaxed feel.

What is the difference between hot stone massage and other types of massages?

In the hot stone massage, the stones are heated to attain a given temperature. There is no use of stones in other types of massage therapies.

Benefits of hot stone massage

  • Relieving Anxiety
  • Back pain management
  • Managing Depression
  • Treating Insomnia

Aromatherapies massage services in Nairobi

In aromatherapy massage, essential oils are applied during massage. You can have a Swedish massage but the aromas used in essential oils make it an aromatherapy massage. The essential oils used during the therapy can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin which leads to several health benefits.

Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

The benefits associated with aromatherapy massage are derived from the essential oils used.

Calming effects

If the massage therapist decides to use chamomile, then you benefit from the calming effects of the oils. Other oils with the calming effects include geranium and lavender oil.


Use of oils such as ylang-ylang, rose, clary sage and neroli oil can uplift your mood.


Application of rosemary oil can make you enjoy energizing effects.


Use of essential oils such as pine, tea tree oil and eucalyptus can play a great role in decongesting the chest.

Deep tissue massages services in Nairobi

What is deep tissue massage? It is simply a type of massage aimed at affecting the deep tissue structure. It is effective in helping both small muscle injuries as well as chronic problems. You can apply the massage to deal with problems such as injury, whiplash and postural misalignments. The therapist will work towards relieving muscle tension during the procedure. If you have injury, the deep tissue massage can work very well for you.

Sports massage services in Nairobi

What is Sports Massage? It is simply massage carried out to make you fit for a sport. It aims at relaxing the pain associated with sports injury. Sports people such as cyclists, runners, players, weightlifters and racquet sports participants tend to develop injury. The massage is aimed at relieving the injury. The massage helps in tissue repair as well as promotion of muscle growth.

Reflexology massage services in Nairobi

It is a body workout which involves application of pressure on the hands and the feet. The pressure application on the feet and hands leads to production of changes in other parts of the body.

How Reflexology Works

Different organs have nerves which connect them to the feet and hands. The nerves end in reflex areas. Application of pressure on the reflex areas leads to a positive energy on the organs associated. If the therapist can apply the force on the reflex areas, it can lead to healing of different body organs.

  • Areas corresponding to different body parts
  • Tips of the toes are believed to reflect the head
  • Ball of the foot reflect the chest and heart
  • Arch of the foot reflects the kidney, pancreases and the liver
  • The heel reflects the low back and the intestines

The therapist will touch the corresponding parts in a professional way to initiate exhaling in the corresponding parts.

Reasons why people get reflexology:

  • Getting rid of stress
  • Managing tension, headaches and migraines
  • Treating digestive disorders
  • Managing arthritis
  • Insomnia management
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Sports injuries
  • Digestive problems
  • Back pain
  • Multiple sclerosis

Thai massage services in Nairobi

If you fear removing your top like the case of Swedish massage, you can opt for Thai massage. It is combination of massage and yoga. The massage therapy is performed when on the floor.  It is unlike other types of massage where you need to lay on a massage table.

What makes Thai massage different from other forms?

  • It is performed when you are fully dressed
  • You lay on the floor
  • Involves stretching rocking and pulling
  • No use of massage oils

Some people feel some pain, but it can be very comfortable if it is performed by the right therapist.

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Boosts energy
  • Improves motion
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Helps in treating health problems 
  • Relieving tension and headaches
  • Reduces back pain such as sub-acute among other chronic back pains
  • Increases flexibility
  • Stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Calms the nervous system

Prenatal massage services in Nairobi

The prenatal massage is offered to women who are pregnant. Pregnant mothers have specific needs which the therapist should adjust to. The therapist will target areas such as the shoulders, abdominal muscles, neck and back to make the expectant mother relax.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy

  • Improves the mood and lowers stress levels
  • Reduces prenatal depression and anxiety
  • Lowers the risk of preterm birth
  • Reduce swelling in the legs

List of places where you can get prenatal massage therapy in Nairobi

There are several places where you can get pregnancy massage in Nairobi.

  • Nairobi Pregnancy Massage
  • Kaya Spa at Tribe Hotel
  • Spa Dreaming
  • Oasis Spa Point
  • Serenity Spa
  • Saffron Day Spa and Salon

Couple’s massage services in Nairobi

What is a couple’s massage? It is a massage therapy where you go to the massage parlor with you partner and have the massage side by side. Couple massage involves two massage therapists one will work on your lover as the other concentrate on you. It is a great gift you can give to you lover, especially during special occasions when both of you feel tired. Other extras to make the moment great include soothing music and aromatherapy.

Choosing a massage therapist in Nairobi

There are several places where you can access massage in Nairobi. Most big hotels offer the services. You can as well access the services from freelance masseurs. The experts are readily available and they can offer the services at a fair price. You need to carry out your due diligence. We recommend the best experts, you can check on our list to get a list of trusted experts and places below.